Embracing Authenticity and the Courageous Path to Freedom ft. Parallel Mike [SFP070]

Embracing Authenticity and the Courageous Path to Freedom ft. Parallel Mike [SFP070]

The Staying Free Podcast

My first in-person conversation with my good friend Parallel Mike is a deep dive into the realms of self-discovery and authenticity. We embark on a journey of understanding the divine potential within each of us. From transcending limitations to the inevitability of change, Parallel Mike guides us through the beauty of embracing our humanity in times of great change.

Delving into Parallel Mike's past experiences, the conversation navigates the complexities of finding courage and authenticity amidst adversity. Is voluntary struggle necessary for genuine growth? Together, we explore the transformative power of facing challenges head-on and the invaluable lessons gleaned along the way.

Having previously featured Parallel Mike in various episodes, this episode delves into unexplored facets of his journey, and important takeaways for people weathering the storm as we transition into a new cycle. 

While this episode marks a continuation of our ongoing dialogue, listeners are invited to explore the companion episode on Parallel Mike's platform, offering deeper insights from both perspectives. Guest Twitter: @parallel_mike Website: parallelmike.com Affiliate Links Surfshark: VPN / Antivirus / Incogni Fountain: https://fountain.fm/jonnyhodl?code=3a917f606b Podcast Website: http://www.stayingfreepod.com/ Links to all platforms: https://linktr.ee/stayingfreepod Host Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnyhodl Podcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/stayingfreepod Donate to the Podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/stayingfreepod Donate with Bitcoin: https://tippin.me/@jonnyhodl / bc1qvgktg2uurp69cf5xepjhunwhp6skxrf69hmq82 Donate with Lightning: https://tipybit.com/stayingfreepod / ⚡️jonnyhodl@getalby.com Huge thank you to my generous supporters Pim, Jayne C, Mark A, Parallel Mike


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