Smear Campaign! Ep795
Bitcoin And . . .

Smear Campaign! Ep795

18 Sep • 1hr 44m
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Show Notes

Join me today for Episode 795 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Bloomberg Calls Chainalysis News a Smear Campaign
- Choke Point 2.0 in Full Swing
- EU Passes DAC8
- Hut 8 to Merge With USBTC
- Formstr, Nostryfied, and Fold News
- Europe Better at Bitcoining Than America

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd #BTC

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Song of The Day:
WoB (Warriors of Bitcoin) by Cristo Currensi

Articles: (EU Parliament Passes DAC8)


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21,021 sats
18 Sep
haven't played GTA in 20 years ... don't know weather to laugh or cry 🤣😭
3,210 sats
20 Sep
Always enjoy your shows! Thank you Sir and keep up the good work !
1,100 sats
19 Sep
Jeez! They are up to Gran Turismo 7? I played one, two and three. Ow, my back! Also, sitting and waiting for a burger and what commercial shows up on the money talking head channel, but GRAYSCALE BITCOIN TRUST!
537 sats
19 Sep
thank you Sir. hope you enjoyed your celebrations! congrats
451 sats
19 Sep
thanks for bringing the Silvergate banking dumper fire back up…choke point 2.0 clearing the playing field to make way for the trad-fi masters of the universe before the btc halving hype cycle put the spotlight back on bitcoin (hopefully)….thank you sir.
100 sats
20 Sep
Damn that was a raw wrap of Monday on Wednesday. Thanks for bringin it!
100 sats
18 Sep
Thank you sir