FCV031 When Families Need Help, Amy Fortney Parks, Ph.D.
Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting with Annie Fox, M.Ed.

FCV031 When Families Need Help, Amy Fortney Parks, Ph.D.

Oct 10 2014
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When parents seek help with a problem involving their teen, it is often the teen who refuses to participate in anything that looks like counseling. But educational psychologist and psychotherapist Amy Fortney Parks has a winning approach. "Teens build this system. Either you're on their side or you're on their parents' side. They need to know you are on their side." So she works very hard to build trust and a relationship, one-on-one, with the teen before inviting in the parents. "I really believe strongly, with teens in particular, that you have to have empathy." Annie talks to Amy about family counseling, who can benefit most, how to get buy-in from reluctant teens, how to teach parents the value of really listening to their adolescents.

About Amy Fortney Parks
Amy Fortney Parks, Ph.D. Resident, LPC-R is the Executive Director of Family and Student Services for WISE Educational Services, LLC. Amy is a wise and gifted Educational Psychologist, psychotherapist, and consultant specializing in merging brain-based research, educational interventions and clinical strategies into a comprehensive approach to treatment. With 20+ years experience in educational and clinical psychology, Amy has developed a unique approach to working with clients. She provides comprehensive counseling and consulting services to children, families, parent groups, local independent schools and public systems. Learn more at

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