Rabbit Hole Recap #275: Critical Flaw on the Lightning Network?
Rabbit Hole Recap

Rabbit Hole Recap #275: Critical Flaw on the Lightning Network?

20 Oct • 1hr 57m
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Tor Browser, Tails Issued Patches for WebP Critical Zero-Day Exploit Affecting All Major Browsers Operator Cøbra Must Reveal Identity to Defend Themselves, U.K. High Court Rules

StartOS, UmbrelOS Now Let You Self-Host Private AI Models

Mullvad Partnered with Tailscale, Completed Migration to RAM-only VPN Infrastructure

IVPN Light: Short-Term VPN Access Priced in Sats

Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.5.2: Ability to Attach External Wallets

Phoenix Android v2.0.6, iOS v2.0 Beta is Now on Testflight

Breez Mobile v0.16 (iOS v1.0.22): UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

Zeus v0.8.0-alpha Now Available to Olympus Subscribers, Open Beta Is Coming Soon

Nix Bitcoin v0.0.98

Mutiny Node v0.4.17: NWC Budgeting

Mutiny Wallet v0.4.19: NWC Budgeting

Snort v0.1.14: Zap Splits

Amethyst v0.77.0-alpha: Amber Support

3:45 - Too much yeehaw
7:00 - TFTC relaunch
12:00 - Dashboard
15:21 - Fake ETF
16:08 - Tony’s here to talk lightning
45:59 - FinCEN hates you
58:10 - More draconian regs
1:06:03 - MDK
1:09:24 - Barry still owes billions
1:11:38 - Grayscale, Gemini & Genesis sued
1:15:55 - OpenSats LTS and Nostr grants
1:21:42 - Satslink
1:26:56 - Boosts
1:30:02- Software updates
1:46:07 - Onramp multi institution
1:51:15 - Unchained RIA
1:52:28 - Silk Road hacker
1:54:38 - New Odell dropped
1:55:48 - Matt was right about twitter

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25 Oct
Nevada County Bitcoin Meetup - Thursday Nov. 16, 2023 from 6:00p-8:00p @ 1849 Brewing Company. 468 Sutton Way Grass Valley, CA. Anyone with an interest in Bitcoin is welcome to come, from newbie to enthusiast. No one is an expert in everything Bitcoin-related, but we know how to get everyone, of every age and technological skill, started.
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20 Oct
MinneapoliS, MN Bitcoin meet up Wednesday November 1st at O'Shaughnessy Distilling Co. 600 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. starts at 6pm speaker at 7pm (Dr Mark Stephany) social time 730 / 8. stay humble, stack sats
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Bitcoin Meetup at Sogndal Public Library (Norway) on Tuesday 31st of Oct. at 6 pm to mark the white paper's 15th anniversary. Most of the audience will probably be newbies/nocoiners
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25 Oct
Sup freaks - Fountain 1.0 is just around the corner with a complete design / ux overhaul along with some really exciting new features around clipping, music, and nostr. We want to make Fountain the best experience it can be for you all. If you have a spare 2 minutes I would MASSIVELY appreciate it if you could send me an email to with one piece of feedback or feature request that you think would make the app better! 🙏
27 Oct
custom amounts when funding the lightning wallet
i'm on this now Oscar. i have one pet peve you guys need to sort out. But i love, its my main podcast player now. 👍🏻
dang this is exciting! have a few thoughts on the UI I'll have to get them together in an email for you
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stay humble and stack sats
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21 Oct
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20 Oct
Thank you gentlemen
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Cheers 🍻
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great episode. appreciate the lightning issue update. thanks!