EP78 Bitcoin podcast with @nikcantmine

EP78 Bitcoin podcast with @nikcantmine


In a generation that has embraced socialism and many marxist ideas, being a capitalist is the ultimate counter culture.

At a time when so many people of the younger generations consider money evil and “capitalism” the rails for such heinous activity, being a loud and proud Bitcoiner is honourable.

When millions of people, from angry Swedish teenagers to all of Hollywood, are gathering globally to “save” the environment, being a proponent of increased energy consumption to mine truth, is damn near suicide in some circles.

Our featured writer this block is NikCantMine and he is one of a growing number of people in their early twenties who are embracing Bitcoin. In fact, at this point one might say that he is one of the important voices of the zoomer generation, offering hope, emancipation and agency to his cohorts, even if they haven’t found out about it yet.

He is a writer of Bitcoin inspired articles published places like Medium, Citadel21 and Bitcoin Magazine. He is the co-host of BTC Kinder Garden, a Bitcoin zoomer-perspective podcast.

He is a former intern to Marty Bent and an all round nice guy.


21ism feature page https://21ism.com/portfolio-item/nik-hoffman/


twitter - @nikcantmine


As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.


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