E108: Maxim Orlovsky on Building RGB, Standards for BTC & LN, and Smart Contracts on Bitcoin
E108: Maxim Orlovsky on Building RGB, Standards for BTC & LN, and Smart Contracts on Bitcoin
The Kevin Rooke Show

Maxim Orlovsky is the founder of the LNP/BP Standards Association and the creator of the RGB smart contracts protocol.

In our conversation, we explored the importance of standards for Bitcoin and Lightning, the details of how RGB works and why it’s important, and Maxim’s work on LNP Node and reNostr.

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00:00 - Intro

02:42 - Maxim Orlovsky Intro

12:40 - Why Are Standards Important?

17:20 - What Are The Disadvantages of Internet Standards?

19:32 - Standards on Bitcoin & Lightning

27:29 - How LNP Node Works

30:40 - What is RGB?

33:33 - Why Build Smart Contracts on Bitcoin?

50:04 - What Will People Use RGB For?

55:37 - RGB Development & Timeline

1:07:00 - Maxim’s Views on Nostr

1:14:33 - What is ReNostr?

1:20:57 - The Pieces of the Self-Sovereign Tech Stack

5,000 sats
I have a better understanding of RGB still don’t understand 100%. is RGB the new age Linux?
5,000 sats
my favourite podcast you have done all year. very thought provoking
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24 May
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23 May
wow this episode is just so good. Maxim is such an ambitious genius, wish him the best of luck. good questions asked and overall very kind conversation
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23 May
100 sats
nice one Kevin