544: Microsoft Already Did It
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544: Microsoft Already Did It

15 Nov • 40m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Yet another thing Microsoft was early to, and still somehow missed the boat.
Plus, building a PC is rare; it's a solved problem. If AI tools excel as expected, will coding face a similar fate?


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20 Nov • Fountain Web
Hey guys, first-time Booster, long-time listener. All this talk about AI, but I have yet to hear you mention the impact on Podcasts. iHeartMedia, Speaker, Acast, and others have launched AI-powered brand safety tools. Their pitch is audio needs safety tools brands can trust so they can buy ads. How long until Microsoft makes its move and builds an Azure service around this idea? Thanks for the great pod; I've listened since before the Swift episode.
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15 Nov
Sorry to say I second the remark on UK politics. It's one thing after another and hard to feel like you can make any difference at all. Perhaps we need to start another punk like movement, perhaps a bit of anarchy would help 😄
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16 Nov
First time booster here sending some sats in honor of .NET Conf this week and to show some love for F#! If you like .NET, but haven’t done functional programming before, go try F#. It’s a really fun and powerful language to work with. Thanks for the great show!
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16 Nov