Pleb Miner Monthly EP04 - Bitcoin Minings Statistics, Hash Rate up, Hash value up.

Pleb Miner Monthly EP04 - Bitcoin Minings Statistics, Hash Rate up, Hash value up.


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Statistics by Lincoin Pool and Lincoin Lens


Statistics has been brought to you by Lincoin MINING! That’s right I said Lincoin Mining. Licoin has changed their telegram handle to @ LincoinMining Why? Because they are not just a mining pool, thye are a mining experience. Revenue management, Firmware, Market analysis and of course a mining pool. They also have their Lincoin agent miner management software and their teams function. 


Boty Joke – What does garlic do when it gets hot? It takes its cloves off.


Bitesize Bitcoin by FixRigs

Hash Rate is going up, the Hash value is going up, and the Hal Finning is coming up in a year.

You want to have your machines ready to go for when the price pumps and you’re transitioning from low power mode to ludicrous speed. Be sure to keep your machines in tip-top, ready-to-deploy shape, by sending them to FixRigs. FixRigs is a premium repair facility located in Miami Florida. They are staffed with highly trained, technicians who are ready to diagnose, repair and clean your machine and get it sent back ASAP so you can get back to hashing.


Fix Rigs not only has highly qualified technicians and a state-of-the-art facility, but they are masters of logistics. They have you covered in all aspects of the repair process. 


Bitesize Bitcoin on Mining Transactions



Action News! by Kaboomracks

Kaboomracks Alex is a great friend of the show and a Pleb Miner Month Founding Father, he’s also a great friend IRL. If you need mining gear or just have questions, he is the perfect person to reach. out to 

Nico Smid’s Bitcoin Mining Block Post

Bassload’s Update

Bitcoin Bugle Crypto- CIA Lowry is a good boy


Pleb Miner in the Wild by Peach Bitcoin

Peach Bitcoin is in open beta! Congrats Peach Team! Use shill code “plebminer”

Jeff Hotz 

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