Rust Belt Home Miners with BingBong_BTC and Jon

Rust Belt Home Miners with BingBong_BTC and Jon


Rust Belt Home Miners

In this episode Jon travels to a rural part of the Rust Belt, USA to interview Pleb Miner BingBong_BTC. BingBong is not only a home miner, but a heat wrangler, harnessing the waste heat created by his machines.

Meeting fellow Plebs face to face carries significant importance, especially when a nym is willing to not only sit down and discuss Bitcoin, but to invite you into his home, show you his mining and privacy setups, and treat you like an honored guest.

BingBong entered the Bitcoin arena though friends, interested in all things “crypto” , it didn’t take long for him to realize there is only one. He obtained sats through the normal KYC channels like Swan, but once again a quick learner, understood the necessity in seeking KYC free options. The Samourai team was an inspiration and building a Ronin dojo was the logical next step. Brother Rabbit and Q & A were of help during his journey.

Mining seemed like the logical next step on the Bitcoin journey to enlightenment. First with dreams of mining that sweet corn, he later grew to a greater understanding and took meaning in understanding mining’s role in the Bitcoin network. With the aid of guides from the likes of EconoAlchemist and Diverter, BingBong developed the knowledge and confidence necessary to mine. He purchased his first machines from MineFarmBuy and was underway. He and his partner learned the lessons needed to mitigate heat as well as others and were hooked. After ordering more machines they attempted a build inspired by EconoAlchemist he calls the “Hash Hut”.

The Hash Hut. The Hash BingBong built in an enclosure comprised of a baker’s rack encased in foam board. The bottom of the enclosure is open to take in filtered air into the machines which are placed vertically. The intake and exhaust of the machines is separated by a barrier so as not to recirculate the waste heat. The entirety of the airflow is then directed outside via an attic fan. BingBong can lower the power of his exhaust fan to allow his two 6’ take offs at the top of the hut connected to inline fans to direct heat to where it is needed.


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