EP73 The evolutionary path with Dim Zayan

EP73 The evolutionary path with Dim Zayan

Mar 11 2021 • 1hr 8m
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Show Notes

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dim to talk Bitcoin, freedom, art, the voice paper, and the future. It was great to learn about his entry into the Bitcoin space and what drives him to do what he Does. If you don’t already follow him on twitter then definitely give him a follow.   Also check out the links bellow.    21ism featured video -   21ism featured artist -   Voicepaper -   twitter - @cryptgm   website -   As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.   Website - Twitter - @BitBuyBitPod Email -   Today you can exchange $1 for 1758 Sats (Sale ends soon.) Thank you Coinfloor for sponsoring the show. If you haven't signed up or bought Bitcoin then click the link below for 30% off Autobuy fees for 3 months.
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