E63: Christopher David on Arcade City, Decentralized Ride Sharing, and Building on Lightning
E63: Christopher David on Arcade City, Decentralized Ride Sharing, and Building on Lightning
The Kevin Rooke Show

Christopher David is the CEO and Founder of Arcade City, a peer-to-peer platform that aims to decentralize ride-sharing and enable a circular Bitcoin economy.

In our talk, we spoke about Arcade City’s vision, the issues facing gig economy workers, and why Arcade City decided use Bitcoin, Lightning, and Nostr to bring their platform to life.

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00:00 - Intro

02:30 - Christopher David Intro

08:46 - Arcade City’s Inception

17:07 - Why Is Arcade City Building on Lightning?

33:35 - Arcade City Payments, Communication, and Discovery

49:40 - Can Arcade City Disrupt Uber or Lyft?

1:13:26 - Scaling Arcade City

1:20:17 - The Lightning Round

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15 Aug
EXCELLENT podcast! Comprehensive, Instructive, Forward - Thinking.
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16 Aug
Another great episode. Thanks for creating such high signal in the space. Looking forward to watching the number of boosts per episode take off as you continue
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16 Aug
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17 Aug
loved the guest and the topic but overall super impressed with the format of this interview. Amazing work.
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15 Aug
the entire Social Layer he wants already exists without any VC finance and an ongoing and successful business imperative for running infrastructure. I use it every day and I build on it. pity to ignore something because of a false pre conception.
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6 Oct
enjoyed! thx
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great information #BeOG I look forward to learning more about arcade city. I stumbled across their project a few years back.
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Boost 🤘
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