Boostagram Ball - Episode 15

Boostagram Ball - Episode 15

Boostagram Ball

Boostagram Ball Episode 15 for November 20th 2023

Boostagram Ball is a music podcast where we automatically switch to the artists' wallet when playing their songs

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Music on Today's Show:

Local Zero - Catacomb
Winstack - The Fun In Life
My Favorite Band - Everything
Jimmie Bratcher - Mama Won't Fry No Chicken
Bryan Duncan - Christmas Comes But Once A Year
Joe Martin Music - Money For The Needy
The Tjukebox - NOW! That's What I Call Value!
Longy - Salt Your Wounds
The Doerfels - Sing For You
Mr. Information - Rock de Yate
Tom Ramires - Summer
CityBeach - You
Jessie Lark - Daddy
Amber Sweeney - Be Well
Kavinya - Unlucky
All Kings All Poets - Forgiveness
Signs and Signals - Ravens
Nate Johnivan - Back Road

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