Bitcoin Consciousness with @SamaKatharo

Bitcoin Consciousness with @SamaKatharo

Jul 16 2022 • 1hr 31m
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3 In this episode I speak to @SamaKatharo from the Consciousness Podcast, he coaches people to access their energy body, raise their frequency and shed old programming to embody their true self. I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you enjoy listening.  If you aren’t already following @SamaKatharo I suggest you do it now.    twitter - @SamaKatharo As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions. twitter - @MaxBitbuybit twitter - @bitbuybitpod Website - Today you can exchange $1 for 5234 Sats (Sale ends soon.)  Thank you Foundation Devices for sponsoring the show. Use code BITBUYBIT at check out for $10 off your purchase
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4,000 sats
Jul 27 2022
Sama helped me identify and resolve some of my old patterns. He is a great guy. 🧡 Awesome episode!
420 sats
Jul 20 2022
sending ✌️🫶& sats
200 sats
Aug 2 2022
very cool podcast. thanks
100 sats
Jul 18 2022
Most of this went over my head but I will persevere and look into it more as it was very interesting. my life would be much better using the practices Sam talks about. Thanks Max and Sam!
42 sats
30 Sep
10 sats
Jul 17 2022
Great job ✌️
10 sats
Aug 4 2022