Bitcoin, beaches and dragons with @DragonBitcoin

Bitcoin, beaches and dragons with @DragonBitcoin

Aug 21 2022 • 1hr 34m
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Today’s episode is with Dragon, he joined me for a conversation about the last two years of the bitcoin beach retreat. We had a discussion on KYC versus non-KYC, the circular economy and a quarter of a billion dollars worth of bitcoin buried in a landfill in Wales. I always enjoy speaking to Dragon and I can’t wait for next years beach retreat. I hope you enjoy the show and please reach out if you have any questions   Show guest   twitter - @DragonBitcoin Retreat - @BitcoinRetreat Website -   twitter - @MaxBitbuybit twitter - @bitbuybitpod Website -       As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.   Today you can exchange $1 for 4647 Sats (Sale ends soon.)   Thank you Foundation Devices for sponsoring the show.  Use code BITBUYBIT at check out for $10 off your purchase
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2,500 sats
Aug 22 2022
1,500 sats
Aug 23 2022
just finished a beach retreat at Bitcoin Beach North on Lake Satoshi!! I completely agree and most Bitcoiners farther along their path agree, conferences such and are a pleb money grab!! keep up the fire content
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Aug 22 2022
Big Up DragonBitcoin putting Wales on the map 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🧡✌️
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Aug 22 2022
yo is your paynym for donations +MaxBuyBit?
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Aug 21 2022
always appreciated
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Aug 25 2022
I am looking to start a podcast and go the podcast 2.0 route. Is there a good starting point that you can recommend?
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Aug 22 2022
20 sats
Aug 23 2022
always a good listen