E61: Nicolas Burtey on Stablesats, Galoy, Bitcoin Banks, and El Salvador's Bitcoin Adoption
E61: Nicolas Burtey on Stablesats, Galoy, Bitcoin Banks, and El Salvador's Bitcoin Adoption
The Kevin Rooke Show

Nicolas Burtey is the CEO and co-founder of Galoy, an open source banking platform helping communities of any size adopt Bitcoin.

In our talk, we spoke about Galoy’s latest release called Stablesats, we talked about the future of stablecoins and Bitcoin banks, and Nicolas shared some updates on the latest in El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption.

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00:00 - Intro

02:13 - What Is Stablesats?

08:03 - Stablesats Risks

16:08 - Asset vs. Contract Stablecoins

20:18 - Why Are Stablecoins Being Built on Lightning Now?

24:02 - Will Galoy Earn Money from Stablesats?

29:24 - Galoy Adoption & Bitcoin Banking

35:25 - What Is The Role of a Bank in the Bitcoin Economy?

53:00 - Bitcoin Adoption in El Salvador

1:08:38 - The Lightning Round

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really great episode!
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would love to see the next evolution of stablesats without a centralised exchange, but with DLC's or other decentralised markets/exchanges.
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