E41: Lyn Alden on the Lightning Network, Stablecoins, and Bitcoin Adoption
E41: Lyn Alden on the Lightning Network, Stablecoins, and Bitcoin Adoption
The Kevin Rooke Show

Lyn Alden is an investor and analyst who needs no introduction on this show.

In our conversation, Lyn and I discussed her interest in Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, liquidity as a network effect, the impact of stablecoins on Lightning, nation-state Bitcoin adoption, and much more.

→ Lyn Alden: https://www.lynalden.com/

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00:00 - Intro

01:38 - Lyn Alden Intro

08:57 - Lightning & Bitcoin Network Effects

22:02 - Bitcoin as a Unit of Account

28:16 - Stablecoins on Lightning

38:23 - Regulatory Risks for Bitcoin & Lightning

42:36 - Interesting Use Cases for Lightning Payments

59:09 - Nation State Bitcoin Adoption

1:08:58 - The Bear Case for Bitcoin and Lightning

1:22:30 - The Lightning Round

50,000 sats
30 Apr
Thank you for everything you both share. Lyn for your thoughtful and well researched analysis. and Kevin for sharing info about a new frontier of finance. Keep going!!
10,000 sats
29 Apr
Thank you Lyn for all the knowledge and insight you’ve put out on so many podcasts - glad to be able to support you in the splits!
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29 Apr
Just love the idea of a great guest getting a split. Thanks for getting Lyn on. And Lyn please keep saying yes to great podcasts. Cheers!
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2 May
awesome episode, thanks for the great content Kevin and Lyn!
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29 Apr
Welcome to Podcasting 2.0 Lyn!
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4 May
Thanks for splitting sats with your guest, Kevin! Value for value at its finest.
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1 May
another classic listen. delighted lynn was focussed on Lightning.
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29 Apr
Welcome to the sats economy Lyn! Join us at stacker.news ;)
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29 Apr
Welcome to Podcasting 2.0 Lyn! Great interview!
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30 Apr
I hope this because the norm!
Sir Brian of London
922 sats
29 Apr • Castamatic
I’m listening to you both describe Hive which is (I firmly believe) the only other decentralized blockchain project outside of Bitcoin. @brianoflondon@podcastindex.social
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3 May
keep up the good work!
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29 Apr
great discussion Kev and Lyn!
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2 May
here’s my micro payment proving Lyn’s thesis!!
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19 Aug
get a new mic Lyn 💀
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30 Apr
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