Data everywhere but whose number 1?
Podnews Weekly Review

Data everywhere but whose number 1?

9 Dec • 1hr 3m
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Show Notes

Show Notes & LinksBuzzsprout has posted its network statistics for November Spotify’s Anchor continues to lose market share: it was down to 21.6% of all new podcast episodes in NovemberSXM Media is, once more, #1 for podcasts according to EdisonPocket Casts has raised its annual subscription priceRadioPublic Pro is to discontinuePodnews have updated their list of podcast hosting companiesSpotify has launched 2022 Podcaster 2.0 is liveDave Winer published an update on what is RSScloudPodnews now natively supports cross-app comments using ActivityPubJohn Spurlock is showing, and graphing, Podcast Index statisticsPodchaser has launched Podchaser AlertsLooks like Spotify is adding hashtags! Support the showConnect With Us: Email: Twitter: @jamescridland / @podnews and @samsethi / @joinpodfans Lightning/NOSTR: ⚡ and ⚡ Mastodon: and Support us: Get Podnews:
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