TLS87: Caitlin Long on Custodia and How Banks Will Interact with Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and Lightning
The Kevin Rooke Show

TLS87: Caitlin Long on Custodia and How Banks Will Interact with Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and Lightning

Dec 17 2022 • 1hr 21m

Show Notes

Caitlin Long is a Wall Street veteran, and the Founder and CEO of Custodia, a platform for digital asset banking, custody, and payments.
We had a wide-ranging conversation examining how banks might interact with Bitcoin in the future, the importance of stablecoins, Lightning adoption, and much more.
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00:00 - Intro
01:59 - Caitlin Long Intro
05:50 - How Wall Street’s Views on Bitcoin Have Evolved
13:54 - Hal Finney’s Vision for Bitcoin Banks
22:59 - Scaling Bitcoin in Layers
31:34 - Moving Bitcoin or Fiat on Lightning
44:28 - Improving Bitcoin and Fiat Infrastructure
49:28 - Banking Costs vs. Bitcoin Costs
59:32 - Can All Banks Benefit from Lightning Payments?
1:12:06 - The Lightning Round
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5,000 sats
Jan 1 2023
great interview
2,100 sats
Dec 18 2022
there is so much signal in here it is great that people like Caitlin are working on these topics. greetings from your old home Zurich, next year Switzerland will rock the bitcoin banking world!
1,000 sats
Dec 18 2022
Great conversation, thanks Kevin & Caitlin! Podcasts like this will help move hunanity forward to a brighter future!!
500 sats
Jan 31 2023
if ever I start to doubt the future of Bitcoin and Lightning, knowing that we have such bright (and experienced) people such as Caitlin fighting our corner, all doubts disappear.
500 sats
Dec 17 2022
Nice interview!
210 sats
Feb 3 2023
This approach is completely irrational. So many errors jammed together. Listen to Erik Voskuil to get a rational perspective on these issues.
100 sats
Dec 18 2022
100 sats
Dec 21 2022
100 sats
Dec 20 2022
Great episode!
100 sats
Dec 17 2022
100 sats
Dec 18 2022