E83: Azz on Building Valera and Combining Lightning Software & Hardware To Bring Billions To Bitcoin
E83: Azz on Building Valera and Combining Lightning Software & Hardware To Bring Billions To Bitcoin
The Kevin Rooke Show

Azz is the 16 year old founder of Valera, a company uniting hardware and software to bring Lightning payments to billions of people around the world.

In our conversation, we discussed Indra, Valera’s Lightning node runtime for enabling near-zero cost Lightning nodes, we discussed the concept of connecting cold keys and wearable devices to your Lightning node, and we explored the idea of integrating hardware and software to build better products.

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00:00 - Intro

02:15 - Azz Intro

09:09 - What Is A Lightning Node Runtime?

11:31 - How Indra Works

21:59 - What Might Indra Developers Build?

23:58 - Cold Keys on the Lightning Network

35:27 - Lowering the Cost of a Lightning Node by 10,000x

38:51 - Performance Trade-offs of Indra

46:03 - Will Indra Improve Lightning Network Reliability?

50:49 - Valera’s Vision

1:07:08 - Valera’s Focus on Hardware & Software

1:20:48 - The Lightning Round

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25 Nov
A wallet sweeper of a show! Azz, Kevin, both of you are doing great stuff. Keep it up! This show was fantastic, really enjoyed it.
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28 Nov
amazing listen. very thought provoking. off to read up more on this and see how I can apply it :)
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25 Nov
🤯 intriguing tech!
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25 Nov
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30 Nov
unreal rip! Can't believe this kid is just 16..! Blows my mind. The future is bright!
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8 Dec
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29 Nov
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