Read_734 - Introducing Ark [Burak]
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Read_734 - Introducing Ark [Burak]

25 May • 42m
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"Ark is a trustless, distinct layer two protocol with unilateral exit. ASPs cannot steal users’ funds or link senders & receivers. Users retain self-custody and can revert their funds to the base layer if something goes wrong on the second layer." — Burak

Today we dive into possibly the most exciting announcement to come out of Bitcoin2023, a genuinely unique layer 2 protocol, for non-custodial, fully anonymous, fast, cheap, off-chain payments. Introducing Ark. We are diving right in and I promise you don't want to miss this one. Let's Go!

Check out the original article at: Introducing Ark. I’m excited to publicly introduce Ark… | by Burak
Guy's Nostr Pubkey: npub1h8nk2346qezka5cpm8jjh3yl5j88pf4ly2ptu7s6uu55wcfqy0wq36rpev

If you'd like to take your own deep dive, then you may start at

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13,337 sats
10 Jun
I really enjoyed this, I love how he thinks of Ark as a subnet of lightning.
5,492 sats
25 May
what’s the over/under on months/years until AI can run through infinite variations of solutions to scaling and making Bitcoin as easy as cash?
500 sats
30 May
Very excited to see the Ark protocol unpacked further!
stay tuned. interview tomorrow with Burak
500 sats
5 Jun
Lets GOOOOOOOOOOO! BITCOIN Builders saw winter coming!
500 sats
26 May
Unfortunately Volt card isn't available in Europe. Let's be 500 sat buddies instead!
100 sats
25 May
wow thanks
100 sats
27 May
great read!