E105: Lisa Neigut on the State of Bitcoin's Second Layer, L2 Interoperability, and More
E105: Lisa Neigut on the State of Bitcoin's Second Layer, L2 Interoperability, and More
The Kevin Rooke Show

Lisa Neigut is the founder of Base58, a Bitcoin protocol academy that helps teach developers the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

In our conversation, we did a deep-dive on Bitcoin’s layer two ecosystem, we explored the goals, trade-offs, and potential of different solutions, as well as a discussion about layer two interoperability, and what (if anything) lies beyond layer two.

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00:00 - Intro

02:00 - Lisa Neigut Intro

08:25 - Why Are There So Many Layer Two Solutions?

16:04 - Layer Two Scaling vs. Layer Two New Features

29:30 - Will Layer Two Solutions Be Interoperable?

35:15 - What Is Missing From Bitcoin’s Layer Two Ecosystem?

39:56 - Layer Two Incentives

47:05 - What Lies Beyond Layer Two?

51:52 - Frameworks for Understanding Bitcoin Layers

59:02 - Comparing Various Layer Two Solutions

1:11:33 - Final Thoughts for Layer Two Builders

5,000 sats
22 Apr
Super explanation of how Btc and Lightening interact! Thanks Lisa!
3,000 sats
28 Apr
Nifty ist great, and Kevin is really good at asking the truly interesting questions. 🫡
3,000 sats
22 Apr
I hope to take a base 58 course someday and get more technical
1,000 sats
22 Apr
great explanation of ordinals
500 sats
22 Apr
liquid fan here SIDESWAP! people
500 sats
1 May
great conversation. thanks.