E89: Ben Carman on Lightning Network Privacy, Building Mutiny, and Browser-Based Lightning Wallets
E89: Ben Carman on Lightning Network Privacy, Building Mutiny, and Browser-Based Lightning Wallets
The Kevin Rooke Show

Ben Carman is a Lightning privacy researcher, working on a handful of Lightning projects including Mutiny Wallet, The Bitcoin Company, and Vortex.

We talked about the state of Lightning Network privacy, the challenge of improving one’s privacy, and the work Ben is doing to bring Lightning wallets directly to your browser with Mutiny.

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00:00 - Intro

02:24 - Ben Carman Intro

04:45 - Why Ben Loves Open Source Software

07:17 - Bitcoin’s Privacy Arms Race

13:06 - The Cypherpunk Manifesto & Lightning

21:16 - Do People Understand The Importance of Privacy?

28:45 - Lightning Privacy Report

36:14 - How Channel CoinJoins Can Improve Privacy

43:58 - How Many People Use CoinJoins Today?

46:15 - Blinded Paths & Trampoline Routing

55:17 - Mutiny Wallet

1:02:38 - Why Builders Are Migrating To The Web

1:09:36 - The Lightning Round

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great show and glad we got Ben on team Bitcoin🔥
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awesome episode! just found the show, will be coming back.
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my third favorite bitcoin ben
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As always, excellent questions and high quality content from @kr. Happy New Year!
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Great show and great podcast. Im just beginning to listen to your old shows and Im learning a lot