Planet Rage #0094 – Gibbering Joey
Planet Rage

Planet Rage #0094 – Gibbering Joey

11 Sep • 2hr 6m
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On this journey through Planet Rage, we talk about September 11th, crime, wokeness in everything, Biden, Pelosi, Harris, and, of course, Keith Olbermann being an idiot. That and all the things that make our blood boil. Come rage with us; a tour is departing now! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Kendra LaMotteSrinivas MurtyDame SlamySir Sean of the Allegheny ValleyCaptain … Continue reading "Planet Rage #0094 – Gibbering Joey"
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18 Sep
Thanks for another great show.
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17 Sep
howdy Darren and Larry, please invite your listeners to visit my blog at www Dot CSB Dot LOL ( www.CSB.LOL ) for my cartoons about everything, and please follow me on X at @CSB - just tree letters C, S and B , yo!, CSB.
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18 Sep
Had wallet funding issues and wasn’t able to stream any sats while listening. This should cover for that.