Taxation and the Demise of Ethics [SFP075]

Taxation and the Demise of Ethics [SFP075]

The Staying Free Podcast

In this episode I reflect on taxation, its ethical implications, and the broader societal constructs of democracy and government intervention. The episode was inspired by some recent debates I had on Twitter, and a poignant poem shared by a user known as Oz, which critiques the pervasiveness of taxation.

The conversation delves into the philosophical underpinnings of taxation, questioning whether it aligns with the principles of fairness and individual rights. I also question the pervasive role that taxation and socialisation have when it comes to incentive structures, especially in relation to personal responsibility. Finally I discuss the concept of consensualism in societal organization, emphasizing the foundational ethical concept of consent and how this naturally results in anarchism, or voluntarism, as the rational ethical baseline for a just society.


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