Propagandize Deez Nuts Ep822
Bitcoin And . . .

Propagandize Deez Nuts Ep822

14 Nov • 1hr 13m
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Show Notes

Join me today for Episode 822 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Boyaa! But Be Careful
- Fake News Roils CrYpTo
- Drivechain Propaganda?
- BitStream: BTC Payment Incentivised File Hosting
- Australia Still Hates You

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21,000 sats
15 Nov
Keeping fellow plebs updated on the news of the day in the Bitcoin universe is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
I don’t think this boost went thru… let me know if you got it. if not I will zap it to you.
3,000 sats
15 Nov
Why do we need Drivechains when we already getting Lighting + Taproot?
2,100 sats
15 Nov
1,010 sats
14 Nov
Thanks for doing what you do! Yes you are correct Australian's are getting screwed by fat cats in almost every way!
1,000 sats
15 Nov
this world needs an enema! Gread show and one of my favorite movie quotes from the joker! thank you sir. keep it up.
100 sats
16 Nov
100 sats
14 Nov
Thank you sir