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The Surgeon General wants you to know this break news: Social Media is bad for kid's health. The Debt Ceiliing narrative is going off the rails. The US has a jet issue and Turkey isn't being a good boy. Uber is in hot water thanks to Karens, DeSantis is going to announce his presidency, but not today, tomorrow. Shhhhh, he wants it to be a surprise! Meatball Ron strikes again! All this and more on episode 73 of MMO


F35 Article

Bill Gates Russian slam



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25 May
Pealing back even more layors on the Black Sea Grain Corridor and the geopolitical implications. V4V
1,001 sats
24 May
is DeSantis deep state? i wonderstick to the facts underneath media narratives about candidates. i was about to turn it off, but you got back on track at the end of DeSantis coverage and deconstructed the war narrative under the campaign narrative.
24 May
hit boost too soon. i still wonder though that maybe the conservative media wants us to see DeSantis as mainstream because Trump is better for ratings.
777 sats
25 May reputable translation of Lavrov speaking May 24th. 9:00minute mark for Sudan comment- 12:40 for bioweapon accusation…. *are we the baddies?🧢☠️
333 sats
25 May
C U next Tuesday!