Read_824 - Ecash is Self-Custodial

Read_824 - Ecash is Self-Custodial

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"Fedimint is a scalable self-custodial off-chain programmability layer on top of Bitcoin. It allows for use cases that are difficult, time-consuming, and unscalable for general users to do on-chain today. You might think I had a typo calling Fedimint a self-custodial network. Let me explain..." ~ Tony Giorgio

Have we increasingly lost sight of the nuance in the market for trust that lets us dismiss an ocean of novel and highly valuable solutions to our problems? What if the goals we are aimed at with Bitcoin aren't really final conclusions, but a spectrum laid out on a never ending path? Fedimint presents a profound shift in the trust and privacy elements of being a bitcoin user, and breaks down enormous barriers to the problem of providing a service to others. Tony, one of the incredible minds behind Mutiny, brings us an article today to reframe both the problem and the solution to the many challenges of building a Bitcoin world.

Check out the original article at Fedimint (Federated Ecash) is Self-Custodial — Tony Giorgio (Link:


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