Pleb Miner Monthly EP06 (Miners defend the Bitcoin Network)

Pleb Miner Monthly EP06 (Miners defend the Bitcoin Network)


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Pleb Miner Monthly Episode 6


In this episode, Max breaks it to Jon and Boty that they missed the party as they find themselves a week late for the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami, Florida. Perhaps they’ll discover themselves some big booty blocks. 


Show Notes:

  1. Introduction: Fountain Boosts. We appreciate all Fountain app boosts of any amount of sats. We know your sats are hard earned and we’re glad to know we provide you value.
  • Max breaks it to Jon and Boty that the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami, Florida was last week.
  • Boty’s Joke What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese.

Statistics Segment:

  • Lincoin Pool and Lincoin Lens ( bring you accurate and customizable Bitcoin mining statistics.
  • Explore global hashrate trends and its 30-day moving average (currently 353 EH/s).
  • Delve into difficulty thresholds, from a recent dip to 48.01 trillion to the current level of nearly 50 trillion.
  • Discover hash values and their impact on daily mining returns (currently around 27,375 Satoshis per day per 100TH).
  • Learn about transaction fees as a percentage of block reward, currently averaging 7.94%.
  • Explore machine profitability and expected daily sats earnings, considering different machine options.

Bitesize Bitcoin:

  • Sponsored by FixRigs, a review of the repair process for mining equipment.
  • Jon covers Bitcoin mining pool payout structures FPPS, PPLNS, PPS+. We recommend using Lincoin of course but appreciate Braiins as a mining pool and payout scheme. Kano is a good option to solo mine. Be sure to check out our other Bitesize Bitcoin segments on

Action News:

  • Pleb Miner Monthly Action News is sponsored by Kaboomracks Alex, a trusted source for Bitcoin mining gear and parts.
  • Highlight the availability of Universal Mining Control Boards by ePICBLOCKCHAIN, compatible with Bitmain and Whatsminer products.
  • Discuss the release of Braiins' BCB 100 control board, preinstalled with Braiins firmware.
  • Mention the recent acquisition of Bitcoin mining ASICs from Intel by Block, enabling quicker development of their mining system.
  • Dive into Bitmain's changes to ASDIC production, including the lack of a peripheral interface controller (PIC) and consolidation of components.
  • Bitcoin Bugle - Black Trans Blocks  Max Shaft of the Bitcoin Bugle reports In a groundbreaking move, Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) has unveiled a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative in the mining space. The company has launched a mining fund exclusively dedicated to working with Black trans bitcoin miners. This bold step comes on the heels of Marathon's previous success with their "green" block initiative.
  • Links to all of the articles covered on this episode:
  • Braiins CB
  • Altair Tech Board Review
  • Block's Update 
  • Nico Smid’s Block Post


Pleb Miner in the Wild: Pleb Miner in the Wild Jason Vaughn

  • Features Jason Vaughn as this episode's Pleb Miner in the Wild, sharing his mining journey and experiences over the past decade.


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