Andy Edstrom and John Haar - SSL E88

Andy Edstrom and John Haar - SSL E88

Swan Signal - A Bitcoin Podcast

On this episode of Swan Signal Live, Author of “Why Buy Bitcoin”, Andy Edstrom and Managing Director for Swan Bitcoin, John Haar joins me for a conversation about macro, Swan Advisor Services and what the advisor market means for Bitcoin.

00:00:00 Pacific Bitcoin Conference!
00:04:46 Questioning Legacy Finance and asking, What is Money?
00:13:40 Relationship between Large Financial Institutions and the Federal Reserve
00:24:22 How does Fractional Reserve Banking affect Inflation?
00:33:08 EU Energy Crisis
00:39:09 Discussing Jerome Powell’s Comments from Jackson Hole and future CPI Prints
00:46:18 Swan Advisor Services
00:56:51 Join us at Pacific Bitcoin Conference and Tune into “Hard Money”, hosted by Natalie Brunell, Thursdays on SwanBitcoin Youtube!
01:01:17 Twitter Spaces Q&A
01:58:44 "Swan Signal Live" Outro

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