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⚡️ E67: Egge on Lightning Network Advertising and the Creator Economy on a Bitcoin Standard

The Kevin Rooke Show

Egge is the co-founder of Starbackr and an advertising industry veteran who has fallen down the Bitcoin and Lightning rabbit hole.

Egge explained how the world of advertising works, how Lightning could offer improvements for advertisers and consumers, and how the creator economy might evolve on a Bitcoin standard.

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00:00 - Intro

01:55 - Egge Intro

06:38 - The Advertising Industry Today

17:20 - Disrupting The Advertising Middlemen

25:40 - Changing The Relationship People Have With Advertisers

40:42 - Advertising on the Lightning Network

50:26 - Creator Monetization Business Models

54:56 - Enabling Anyone to Earn Online

1:06:15 - The Lightning Round