Ep126 - If I Can Dream | With Margot Paez
The Bitcoin Collective

Ep126 - If I Can Dream | With Margot Paez

Sep 1 2022 • 1hr 8m
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This week we are delighted to welcome Margot Paez (@jyn_urso) on the podcast. Margot is a PhD candidate in the civil engineering department at Georgia Institute of Technology. She has an MS in physics from GT and works on climate change statistical-based modelling, primarily in relation to water resources. Having seriously going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole last year, she has been connecting the dots between Bitcoin and the environment whilst become a leading figure in this space. Margot will be attending the UK Bitcoin Collective Conference in October this year, so grab your tickets to see her talk live…GET A TICKET TO OUR CONFERENCE: If you have any questions at all, please contact us at or reach out to us on social media as we would love to help. Please remember we are not financial advisors and nothing in the podcast is financial advice. If you like the podcast, we would really appreciate it if you could leave us a review. Thank you and see you for the next episode.
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10 sats
Sep 1 2022
keep up the good work Jim