Read_647 - Understanding Decentralization in Bitcoin [Arman the Parman]

Read_647 - Understanding Decentralization in Bitcoin [Arman the Parman]

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"The answer that matters depends on the context. The context you need to have is that cryptocurrency, i.e. Bitcoin, was invented/discovered initially to allow a money by the people that cannot be shut down by government. In that context, the most important element to be decentralized is the network of Nodes. -- If the nodes are not decentralized, nothing else decentralized matters. -- If the nodes are decentralized, then the other things kind of matter, but not as much." - Arman the Parman

Today we hit a short, but important piece from the Bitcoin Reserve blog that breaks down the context of decentralization, which is what truly matters. There are all types of things we can arbitrarily decentralize, elements of the network, codebase, implementations, etc. But all of these things are secondary to the most critical decentralization, the one that matters, and the one that represents a once-in-a-millenia innovation that will change everything. Without that critical pillar, the decentralization of literally everything else is irrelevant... listen to find out.

Link to the original article to check it out, dig deeper into the topics, or read the many other great pieces at Bitcoin reserve:

Link to Arman's piece on why you should run a node:

Link to the most important history lesson in Bitcoin:

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