Ep 83: Responsibility Go Up Technology, with CJ Wilson
Ep 83: Responsibility Go Up Technology, with CJ Wilson
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

CJ Wilson joins me again to continue our conversation. In this episode we hit Responsibility and a whole series of unpopular political opinions, including the Shitcoin that is democracy.

Responsibility Go Up Technology

Responsibility hot potato.

UnPopular Opinions

Suffrage hurt the world more than central banking.

Popularity contest winners. Why voting doesn’t work.

Hitler didn’t claim power. He earned it.

Imagine if you have to pay to be in politics? We'd fix it.

We may even have real nobility once again.

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10,000 sats
29 Aug
great pod! going to share with my friends! like this discussion and disagreement in theories
29 Aug
going to clip as well
2,500 sats
4 Oct
CJ’s Jimmy Song impression was hilariously accurate
1,000 sats
2 Sep
they really should pay to be in those positions in society not getting paid to perfect failure
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3 Sep
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30 Aug
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31 Aug
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29 Aug
boom be responsible!
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29 Aug
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3 Sep
as responsiblity goes up and you’ve taken care of yourself and your family many start to want to take responsibility for larger things like their business, their communities, their interest groups! you can see it unfold in bitcoin how bitcoiners are willing to educate, to help, to build a network it’s all because they want to take responsibility