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⚡️ E64: Joe Consorti on the Time Value of the Lightning Network, Lightning Banks, and Taro

The Kevin Rooke Show

Joe Consorti is a Bitcoin market analyst who recently wrote a great article called The Time Value of the Lightning Network.

In our discussion, we got into the time value of money and how it applies to the Lightning Network, we discussed Lightning banks, and we explored the idea of generating yield on Lightning today, and using things like Taro in the future.

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00:00 - Intro

02:31 - Joe Consorti Intro

06:58 - Lightning Network Catalysts

09:59 - Earning Yield and the Lightning Network Reference Rate

26:49 - Lightning Network Fees Over Time

32:07 - Why Public LN Capacity is a Lagging Indicator

39:12 - The Fiat vs. Bitcoin Risk Curves

50:44 - Bitcoin Denominated Loans

59:12 - Who Can Be a Lightning Bank?

1:02:37 - Taro’s Impact on Bitcoin and Lightning

1:15:17 - The Lightning Round