Bloody Free: Juan's Plan To Live To 100 & The Mentality Of A Martyr
Mere Mortals

Bloody Free: Juan's Plan To Live To 100 & The Mentality Of A Martyr

Aug 18 2022 • 51m

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What if there was an app that could detect Karma and it influenced you to stop helping people?In Episode #325 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: Juan's random nosebleeds and tips to grow old and die quickly, whether free can truly be free, trolls and their propensity to sell marketing courses, the funny idea of science being used to prove that the universe is planning everything with a karma molecule, Salman Rushdie's recent attack and how you can share funny as hell Mere Mortals episodes with your friends.As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!Timeline:(0:00) - Shoutout to Milhara(1:13) - Mole removal(2:02) - Juan gets distracted by bugs(2:42) - Fortitude Valley stabbing & Juan's 2023 goals(6:32) - Anti-aging & longevity(12:16) - Andrew Tate, Robert Sasuke & free isn't free(18:55) - Gary Vee & people who tend towards being obnoxious(23:40) - Lewis Mocker & others who sell courses(28:29) - A fun goal Friday(31:45) - What would it take to truly believe in karma/fate/destiny(40:32) - The hero/martyr mentality(49:37) - Share a topic with a friendConnect with Mere Mortals:Website: the show
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Aug 21 2022
I had to google Andrew Tate, first impression, kind of a dick but not always wrong.
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Sep 4 2022
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Aug 22 2022