479: Apple's Mob Move
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479: Apple's Mob Move

Aug 17 2022 • 55m

Show Notes

New leaks reveal how hollow Apple's claims of fighting for user privacy are. We discuss their scheme to monetize the downturn.
Plus, why we've never seen an App blow it as severely as Telegram is right now, and Electron's Flash moment.


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Aug 17 2022
Star Wars > The Orville > Star Trek. Fight me Trekies. Fight me.
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Aug 18 2022
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Aug 20 2022
To try and describe what a Mario and Luigi situation is will put me in a real Mario and Luigi situation. It’s not nefarious, but it sure is something. Keep up the good work, and here’s to Sun Microsystems and Java Duke. Gone, but never forgotten.
Aug 20 2022
also, it’s pronounced Key-Ron - weird mishmash of Irish Gaelic and bog standard Welsh.
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Aug 17 2022
The EU is glorious. 4 spaces in Python, 2 in JavaScript. Vim is a way of working, I use vim shortcuts in everything from text editors to browsers to spreadsheets.
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Aug 22 2022
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Aug 23 2022
regarding electron apps. for example there is a package called discord_arch_electron , which patches discord with latest electron to work with . which is a nice workaround , however does not solves the main issue .
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Aug 19 2022
test test. I think I still prefer overcast. but I like the idea of supporting the network without a monthly commitment
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Sep 4 2022