Bitcoin is an Answer for Progressive Values with Jason Maier.
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Bitcoin is an Answer for Progressive Values with Jason Maier.

Aug 15 2022 • 55m
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My guest today is Jason Maier. Jason is a secondary school math teacher, who after learning about Bitcoin, realized its potential for aiding in progressive values. He is writing a book entitled A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin whose Kickstarter has already met its goal! But ongoing donations will go toward the audio version – donate below! We cover: Jason's journey into Bitcoin and why mathematics helped establish his conviction. Why is he writing a book about the progressive case for Bitcoin The details of his book and why he chose the topics he did How to teach Bitcoin Why is he focusing on Bitcoin only Our call to action @cjasonmaier We are incredibly grateful to partner with the Sun Exchange. With Sun Exchange, you can easily earn Bitcoin and make a positive impact on the planet. Progressive Bitcoiner listeners get a free solar cell with their first purchase. Get started at:
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Aug 16 2022
Well done, Jason and Mark! Can’t wait for the book.
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Aug 26 2022
very much looking forward to the book!
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Aug 15 2022
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Aug 17 2022
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Aug 17 2022
Thank you, very good explained! Goodluck with finishing your book and project.
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Sep 2 2022