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⚡️ E62: John on Building Zaprite, Getting Paid in Bitcoin, and Accounting on a Bitcoin Standard

The Kevin Rooke Show

John is the CEO and Founder of Zaprite, an invoicing platform that helps anyone get paid in Bitcoin.

In our talk, we spoke about how Zaprite’s product works, the challenges keeping people from getting paid in Bitcoin, and the things people really care about when accepting payments: fees, speed, and stability.

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00:00 - Intro

02:11 - John from Zaprite Intro

12:20 - How To Get People Earning Bitcoin

20:34 - Payment Fees, Speed, and Price Stability

37:19 - Aggregating Balances Across Lightning Wallets

42:55 - KYC Rules for Bitcoin Invoicing and Accounting Software

47:43 - Operating a Bitcoin Startup in an Uncertain World

1:02:39 - Austin’s Bitcoin Community

1:11:58 - The Lightning Round