SNL#27: The full austin bitcoin experience with Kevin Rooke
SNL#27: The full austin bitcoin experience with Kevin Rooke
Stacker News Live

Join Car and Keyan discuss Stacker News top posts, Car & Keyan favorite posts of the week and top stackers. With special guest Kevin Rooke.

We also discuss:
- SN adds polls
- Pierre Rochard, cohost of the Noded Podcast and VP of Reseach at Riot, did an AMA.
- Allen Farrington, investor and author of Bitcoin is Venice, did an AMA.

- Jimmy Song asks how to prevent SN from getting overrun by altcoiners?
- @linesgone, an American expat living in Taipei, posted Hi, from Taiwan... on the day Pelosi landed in Taipei.

and why Keyan learned a lot of things this week. For the week of August 5th, 2022.

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8,888 sats
11 Aug
Really enjoyed the show, my first time listening And it reminded me of the best from there Diggnation days. I’ve been an independent podcaster for 15 years, and I think you guys are onto something with the show!
5,000 sats
8 Aug
great guest!!!
50 sats
8 Aug
thank you!
20 sats
14 Aug