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⚡️ Private Tour

The LOTS Project

In todays episode I talk about the private tour from last night and whatever else pops up.

Candle Blowout Sale: 6 soy candle variety pack for $45. https://thelotsproject.com/product/soy-candle-clearance-variety-6-pack/

 Swale Workshop with Billy Bond at SOE. If you can get to Camden TN on July 30 and 31 you are going to want to check this out. See more at my referral link here: https://selfreliancefestival.com/product/swale-workshop/?aff=lotsproject

 Item of the week:

 Nebo Pal+ 3in1 Flashlight Battery Bank and Knife:

 You can get one here: https://amzn.to/3RWGsfc

 Review Video https://youtu.be/4Z-7Cy-c9J8


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