From Bernie to Bitcoin with Logan Bolinger
The Progressive Bitcoiner

From Bernie to Bitcoin with Logan Bolinger

Jul 26 2022 • 53m
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My guest today is Logan Bolinger. Logan, is an attorney and prolific writer on Bitcoin. He has been a welcomed voice in the space as he draws from his experience as an attorney and Bernie Sanders supporter, as well as his Master's degree in English literature.  We cover: Why Logan wrote a letter to his new daughter about Bitcoin His Bitcoin journey from Bernie Sanders supporter to Bitcoin Bitcoin as a new system for change Bitcoin versus crypto and the big question of unregistered securities @TheWhyOfFI We are incredibly grateful to partner with the Sun Exchange. With Sun Exchange, you can easily earn Bitcoin and make a positive impact on the planet. Progressive Bitcoiner listeners get a free solar cell with their first purchase. Get started at:
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Jul 26 2022
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Trying to Orange Pill leftists in Europe but it is very tough! 🥵
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do it!
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