⚡️ E57: Christian Decker on Blockstream, Greenlight, Lightning Scalability, and More

The Kevin Rooke Show

Christian Decker is a researcher at Blockstream who has been involved in Bitcoin since 2009, and even did his Ph.D dissertation on Bitcoin.

In our talk, Christian and I spoke about Blockstream and their Lightning project called Greenlight, we discussed Lightning scalability, and we even got into things like channel factories, liquidity ads, peerswap, and more.

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00:00 - Intro

02:59 - Christian Decker Intro

10:31 - Lightning & Liquid as Experimentation Platforms for Bitcoin

17:58 - Cooperation Between Lightning Implementations

25:36 - Blockstream Greenlight

40:13 - Blockstream’s Satellite

44:05 - The Limits of Lightning Scalability

48:50 - Multi-Party Channels & Channel Factories

58:07 - Can Routing Node Operators Keep LN Channels Open Forever?

1:02:32 - Peerswap & Liquidity Ads

1:16:30 - The Lightning Round