E54: William Casarin on Lightning as a Communications Layer for Bitcoin, LNLink, Nostr, and Damus
E54: William Casarin on Lightning as a Communications Layer for Bitcoin, LNLink, Nostr, and Damus
The Kevin Rooke Show

William Casarin is a Bitcoin and Lightning developer working on a new project called Damus, built on the Nostr protocol.

We had a technical discussion where William explained why he sees the Lightning Network as a communications layer for the Bitcoin economy, the ways the internet may evolve over time, and William’s work on LNLink, Nostr, and Damus.

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00:00 - Intro

03:15 - William Casarin Intro

07:49 - BOLT12

10:35 - The Web and the Lightning Network

22:57 - Will Lightning be the Communications Layer of the Bitcoin Economy?

28:40 - The Issues with Centralized and Custodial Solutions on Lightning

40:28 - Building on Core Lightning vs. Other LN Implementations

45:52 - The Nostr Protocol & The Damus Client

59:51 - The Implications of Embedding Value in Internet Apps

1:08:01 - The Lightning Round

20,000 sats
27 Jun
“sats slinging round the internet at the speed of light” - great episode! ⚡️
3,456 sats
30 Jun
My imagination is buzzing right now thinking about all the possibilities presented in this episode. Williams approach to a lightning built on top of the internet protocol instead of built on top of the Web suite of protocols just makes so much more sense. I think the creation of my core lightning node got bumped way up on my priority list of things to do.
2,500 sats
27 Jun
Great show! Loved the discussion on the architecture! William, you are doing very inspring and creative work. Thank you for doing what you do.
1,000 sats
4 Jul
555 sats
27 Jun
thanks for including my question in the splits! next up, a question for Udi: 'how you doing?'
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26 Jun
excellent content!
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9 Jul
Great interview. Looking forward to future episodes!
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2 Jul
good value
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29 Jun
100 sats
27 Jun
very informative
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27 Jun
Great show and info on LN
27 Jun
27 Jun
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26 Jun
Please Damus for Android.
26 Jun
yes please.
7 sats
27 Jul