Ep 73: "Handball is a game for Prisoners" with Rob Malka
Ep 73: "Handball is a game for Prisoners" with Rob Malka
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

Back by popular demand is my good friend Rob Malka!

After what was one of the most listened to episodes of all time, people wanted to hear us philosophise some more.

If you've not yet listened to the original show, go and hear that one for his background story. Your mind will be blown.

It is Episode #62.

In this two part mini-series, we start with an exploration on the following:

  • The Bitcoin Today Coalition 
  • The State VS Bitcoin and their relationship.
  • My First Bitcoin

Before we move into some heavier topics including:

- Nietzsche 

- Rousseau

- Symbolism

- Gothic era

- Architecture 

- Aesthetics 

- Hand ball is a game for prisoners

- The “dark ages”

- Vitality & Quality

- Thomas Aquinas

And as usual, Rob recommended some books:

1) Leo Strauss: On Tyranny

2) George Elliot: Middle March

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Thanks again for listening.

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great episode 👏
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Great episode bro! I’d push back on the idea that Bitcoin is the last cantillon effect though. Being an early user of Bitcoin doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll understand it enough to benefit. It takes a lot of work to really understand Bitcoin, many people fomo in and then sell the dip or sell after just a small gain because they haven’t studied what they own. I think the earlier you are typically the more work it takes to understand and benefit from it, whereas that’s not the case with fiat