Wake Up Reads #1: Bitcoiners are the Remnant.
Wake Up Reads #1: Bitcoiners are the Remnant.
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

Wake Up Reads Episode #1 covers my first article of The Remnant series.

Bitcoiners are the Remnant. The masses don't matter.

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18 Jun
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18 Jun
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2 Jun
The Remnant series is one of my all time favorites. The actual movie quotes audio was a great addition! I think the only critique I would have is the audio quality made some parts a bit tricky to pick up the words sometimes. I know the article so I knew what you were saying but it was a little distorted or blown out at times. Look forward to the next one.
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7 Jul
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1 Jul
Great Episodd Brother! ✌️🫶
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1 Jun
Enjoyed the read brother. Enjoyed the movie clips.
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11 Nov
perfectly stated, thank you!
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10 Aug
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