E48: Michael Levin on Lightning Labs, Bitcoin & Lightning Adoption, and Taro
E48: Michael Levin on Lightning Labs, Bitcoin & Lightning Adoption, and Taro
The Kevin Rooke Show

Michael Levin is a Product Manager at Lightning Labs, a company building tools to bring Bitcoin to billions.

In our conversation, Michael and I discussed the dual adoption curves of Bitcoin, we explored the entire suite of Lightning Labs products, and we discussed Taro and the future of the Lightning Network.

→ Lightning Labs: https://lightning.engineering/

→ The Dual Adoption Curves of Bitcoin (Part 1): https://michael-levin.medium.com/part-1-the-dual-adoption-curves-of-bitcoin-2ffafbc5d5e7

→ The Dual Adoption Curves of Bitcoin (Part 2): https://michael-levin.medium.com/part-2-lightning-network-bitcoins-crossing-the-chasm-superpower-7fe4fd4702dc


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00:00 - Intro

02:21 - Michael Levin Intro

05:27 - Bitcoin as an Asset & a Network

14:49 - The Lightning Network’s Crossing the Chasm Moment

17:33 - Value 4 Value

27:58 - Lightning Labs and LND

39:27 - Lightning Loop

44:40 - Lightning Pool

59:04 - Plebnet & The Role of Routing Node Operators

1:09:26 - Lightning Network Usage, Fees, and Capacity

1:15:06 - Taro and a Multi-Asset Lightning Network

1:30:46 - Lightning Network Predictions

1:39:24 - The Lightning Round

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appreciate the show
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26 Jul
One of the good things of Bitcoins is that it makes people start to think about the nature of money (what it is, how and who creates it...) many things that until then had not been questioned because the system had made them implicit. They have made us play in their field, with their rules, but they have not explained what is behind it or how they manage it