E48: Michael Levin on Lightning Labs, Bitcoin & Lightning Adoption, and Taro
E48: Michael Levin on Lightning Labs, Bitcoin & Lightning Adoption, and Taro
The Kevin Rooke Show

Michael Levin is a Product Manager at Lightning Labs, a company building tools to bring Bitcoin to billions.

In our conversation, Michael and I discussed the dual adoption curves of Bitcoin, we explored the entire suite of Lightning Labs products, and we discussed Taro and the future of the Lightning Network.

→ Lightning Labs: https://lightning.engineering/

→ The Dual Adoption Curves of Bitcoin (Part 1): https://michael-levin.medium.com/part-1-the-dual-adoption-curves-of-bitcoin-2ffafbc5d5e7

→ The Dual Adoption Curves of Bitcoin (Part 2): https://michael-levin.medium.com/part-2-lightning-network-bitcoins-crossing-the-chasm-superpower-7fe4fd4702dc


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00:00 - Intro

02:21 - Michael Levin Intro

05:27 - Bitcoin as an Asset & a Network

14:49 - The Lightning Network’s Crossing the Chasm Moment

17:33 - Value 4 Value

27:58 - Lightning Labs and LND

39:27 - Lightning Loop

44:40 - Lightning Pool

59:04 - Plebnet & The Role of Routing Node Operators

1:09:26 - Lightning Network Usage, Fees, and Capacity

1:15:06 - Taro and a Multi-Asset Lightning Network

1:30:46 - Lightning Network Predictions

1:39:24 - The Lightning Round