⚡️ E47: Henrik Skogstrøm on LN Capital and Operating a Successful Lightning Network Routing Node

The Kevin Rooke Show

Henrik Skogstrøm is the founder of LN Capital, a company building capital management software for routing nodes.

In our conversation, Henrik and I discussed LN Capital’s first product Torq, the challenges routing operators face today, the addressable market for Lightning Network payments, and the skill and capital requirements for being a successful Lightning node operator.

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00:00 - Intro

02:07 - Henrik Skogstrøm Intro

07:27 - The Addressable Market for Lightning Routing

13:54 - Measuring Routing Efficiency on the Lightning Network

19:53 - Bitcoin as a Productive Asset

24:09 - Factors Affecting Lightning Income Yield

29:01 - Ways to Earn Yield on Lightning

38:45 - Automating Lightning Node Operations

43:04 - What Skills Make for Good Routing Node Operators?

53:56 - Regulations & the Lightning Network

57:45 - Lightning Network Predictions

1:05:40 - The Lightning Round