⚡️ HOSKY & VEGAS | Meme Behaviours, Building On Cardano & Philhoskophy/Techoskology

Mere Mortals

Woof woof woof, bowowowow ruff rufff ruff ........ arf. Yap yap!

In Conversation #74, HOSKY Token, Carl (Vegas Pool) and I discuss: the origins of the hosky project, how the code and policy work on the Cardano blockchain, the different elements that encourage better behaviour of hosky idiots, the paradox between being (the) shit memecoin yet arguably most impactful use of Cardano, the ever growing intimate relationship between the two big dogs and a selection of highly curated meme questions from the community.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Intro to Señor Josqui & Vegas
(1:30) - What is Cardano & what are tokens?
(4:50) - The birth of HOSKY
(10:55) - Promises in code
(15:56) - Hosky Policy
(22:39) - The Doggie Bowl madness
(26:18) - Stakepools & NFT's
(30:33) - Testing the chain
(34:36) - Real world actions
(38:20) - Calling out bad behaviour
(42:38) - Propaganda quote
(44:17) - The importance of Carl
(51:10) - Open source code
(1:00:33) - The paradox of Hosky
(1:11:02) - Eloping to Vegas
(1:12:17) - Vegas rapid fire questions
(1:32:32) - Hosky rapid fire questions
(1:51:31) - Join Vegas .... or go with other small pools
(2:03:12) - Be careful of scams

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