The Truth will set Us Free
Decentralizing Death

The Truth will set Us Free

Apr 27 2022 • 27m 32s
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Show Notes

The truth will set us free - but first, it will piss us off.If we want something different, if we want to make a different choice, we need to know the truth.The truth about our monetary system and the truth about life.Knowing the truth is empowering.What we do with that truth is telling.We need to ask ourselves: Do I want this situation to stay the same? Do I want this situation to get worse? Or do I want this situation to get better?For anything to change, we need to first know the truth.So, this episode is dedicated to the truth of money, and the truth of life.It's all energy, friends. And YOU get to decide how to use your energy.We all have choice. Choose from a place of love (empowerment), not from a place of fear (disempowerment).And remember, that NOT making a choice IS a choice.Peace, love, and prosperity to all.Feel free to share your thoughts with me at :)
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