TLS40: Zero Fee Routing on Running One of the World's Top Lightning Routing Nodes

TLS40: Zero Fee Routing on Running One of the World's Top Lightning Routing Nodes

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Zero Fee Routing is the pseudonymous operator of one of the world’s largest Lightning Network routing nodes.

As the name implies, Zero Fee Routing doesn’t charge fees to route payments, and as a result has become a major hub of Lightning connectivity, routing over 10 BTC of payment volume per day.

In our conversation, we discussed their strategy of selling liquidity and routing for free, their decision to move their node from LND to Core Lightning, and the future earning prospects for routing nodes on the network.

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00:00 - Intro

01:28 - Zero Fee Routing Intro

03:47 - Why Zero Fee Routing Doesn’t Charge Routing Fees

09:38 - How Much Bitcoin Should You Allocate to the Lightning Network?

12:43 - Inbound Liquidity Fees on the Lightning Network

16:17 - LND vs. Core Lightning for Routing Nodes

21:31 - Zero Fee Routing’s Transaction Volume

38:53 - Where Should Lightning Node Operators Allocate Capital?

43:27 - Earning Interest on your Bitcoin from Routing on Lightning

51:26 - The Risks of Storing Bitcoin on Lightning

59:34 - Advice for Routing Node Operators

1:08:53 - The Lightning Round


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